A piece of paper folded the number of times there are players, each player draws on their section, with a slight overlap on fold to give the next player a starting point, pass it on without the next player seeing your contribution, or any others.

The surrealists created some crazy results with this… but they could draw a little too. Still, worth a piece of writing paper or two to pass the nights.
Andre Breton was reported to have said that “it started in fun but produced some interesting results”.
The Academy of American Poets have a Poets version here: Play Exquisite Corpse | Academy of American Poets but to be honest there seem to be a lot of rules in their version.

“In order to write a poem, participants should agree on a sentence structure beforehand. For example, each sentence in the poem could be structured “Adjective, Noun, Verb, Adjective, Noun.” Articles and verb tenses may be added later”.

Lost me with verb tenses.

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