Did you know about the Flash?

The Green Flash is an optical phenomena, often talked about, rarely seen. Under the right conditions a green flash can be seen right at the point where the sun sets.

green flash

But for now, the rig count:
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The Flash Set or premature setting of cement is what some people suggest happens when cement inexplicably can no longer be pumped in the middle of a casing cementing job. A more proper explanation might be that;

“A viscous relatively uncontrolled fluid loss slurry (cement) can, through velocity, tear up filter cake and erode formations/zones in the annulus so that at the front of the slurry bridging can start to occur. This can cause fluid extrusion through the bridge de-watering the remaining cement behind it to an unpumpable mass of dry cement. The bridging can occur more than once in the annulus. The action is similar to that of the squeezing of a cement plug.”

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