Did you know about Boomer?

We know three: a person, an animal, and a thing. but first,


Drilling Rig Count

Drilling Rig Count ( Source: Drilling Records)

The Drilling Rig Count 11/11/2014

  • Alberta  240 Drilling (42.3%)
  • British Columbia 50 Drilling (74.6%)
  • Manitoba 9 Drilling (36%)
  • N.W.T. 1 Drilling (100%)
  • Saskatchewan 65 Drilling (43.9%)
  • TOTAL 365  (45.1%)


Boomer Esiason the person

Boomer Esiason is a retired NFL quarterback.

Superbowl Champion? No.

The Snow White Boomer animal:

An old man kangaroo that, along with five of his brethren, raced Santa Claus
through the blazing sun.


The Boomer

An overcenter lever chain binderovercenter lever chain binder that helps truckers tie down their loads using
about a 20 -1 mechanical advantage. Don’t use this at home!

These puppies are dangerous!

Brought to you by Barlon:

Front and Center and on the job for you.

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