The Buffalo Hunt Figures

October 3, 2012

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Beautifully detailed flat figures up to 2.5″ high, Native buffalo hunt – Hunters on foot and

mounted, three buffalo two mounted hunters, with box.

Beautifully Detailed Flat Figures depicting a Native Buffalo Hunt.

The Buffalo Hunt $125

Tremendous Detail 12 figures $125

The Buffalo Hunt - Entire Group

The Buffalo Hunt – 10 Pieces $125

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The Rolling Stones – Rare Bootleg Vinyl

“The Jean-Clarke Mammorial Sonic Barbecue”, a live recording mostly from the 1973 West German Tour,and “Hot Pants & Wet Panties” circa 1976, (labelled as a ‘Rolling Stones Fan Club Distribution Only’, and ‘R.S.V.P.’,a two-disc set!) on the Idle Minds Productions label.