Recently I was at a meeting full of inspirational Women.

We shared tips on how to fulfill our lives as Women in all roles:

Daughter. Sister. Niece. Grand-Daughter. Student. Friend. Lover. Girlfriend. Woman. Wife/Partner. Aunt. Mother. Grand-Mother.

Perhaps she’s an Employee or an Entrepreneur on top of all of this.

And, perhaps, on top of all THAT she has a challenge, or she’s single, or a single parent, or all three!


With 9 sisters, I hear the stories about how our bodies are constantly changing to procure the miraculous stages of what being a Woman is.

On top of all the roles we play, there’s yet another layer!

There’s PMS, periods, childbearing, menopause, and saggy-everything-years..once again, IF we’re lucky enough to live that long!

At this particular meeting I noticed an incredible need.

The need to rest.

Simply rest.


From raising such a large family, my Mother rarely had the chance to just rest.

So, when we would all come rushing in the door full of stories from school and we’d see Mom fast asleep, with her apron on, her rocking chair softly swaying with every breath in and out, we shut up pretty quickly and began to whisper and tippy-toe.

We knew the consequences if we woke her.


Respect for this Woman, who made our world go round, was not an option.

It just was.

Her rest was well deserved and we never questioned it.

If we saw HER resting, she REALLY needed it.


In my perfect world, rest would be mandatory.

That time, right after your lunch-break, when your body starts to beg for balance to get through the rest of the day….

Curl up in your seat and simply shut it all off.

Twenty luxurious minutes to re-calibrate, re-charge and re-invigorate one’s mind, soul, and body.

How much better we would all be!

We do have that choice today.

Fit in that twenty minutes on your lunch hour.

Re-think your patterns of ‘break’ time and make them ‘rest’ time.

Book that time in for yourself if you’re on a tight schedule.

Take a walk in a park as you nibble on your lunch.

Get away.

Close your eyes and let the sunlight caress your face.

For just a few moments.

And watch your life transform.


When my Mom would awaken from her nap, I remember her face being brighter, her eyes refreshed and clear.

She was cheerful and fun despite the looming array of chores that still lingered before Dad got home.

She would put us all to work with a song playing and we’d dance and sing our burdens-of-the-day far, far away.

Sometimes there was even time for a family board game before bed!


Life wasn’t meant to burn out in.

It is meant to enjoy and prosper.


So, from the Queen of Rest

Cherish Yourself by Resting Yourself.





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