Three TV obsessed writers/friends, with wildly different tastes, coming together to discuss, dissect, defend and destroy a television series they’ve only seen TWO episodes of – the Pilot and the Finale. The missing plot points, AKA donut holes, are then extrapolated using their extensive/excessive knowledge of TV.

Shows are selected (semi) randomly.

Episode 5: “Love Triangles”

Our newest episode dropped yesterday, and here it is! On the second “SPECIAL” episode the gang discuss all things Clark Duke, Frat politics, nicknames and whether it’s worse to drink out of a lady’s bellybutton or from a beer opened up with a man’s dirty flip flop. Tough call!

Because college means *wacky* stunts, like putting a couch on the quad.

Because college means *wacky* stunts, like putting a couch on the quad.

IMDB wraps up the pilot, and more or less the whole idea of Greek, like so:

A Freshman arrives at his sisters college (much to her dismay). He decides to pledge a fraternity on campus. After catching his sister’s boyfriend with another girl, he ends up at his rival fraternity trying to go from geek to Greek and grow up in the process.

The series is much more of an ensemble drama than that, and the most immediately engaging teen series I’ve seen since Veronica Mars. Of course Greek is much, much more light-hearted than Veronica Mars despite beginning with supposedly more mature characters, and without that show’s biting wit. But it’s unfair to compare the two shows, they’re apples and oranges. Veronica was a noir-tinted teen detective show with characters older than they should be, while Greek is a light-hearted comedy where every character needs to grow up.

Clark Duke, a secondary (but scene-stealing) character in Greek, is now a huge movie star. With a (soon-to-be) trilogy of Hot Tub Time Machine films under his belt, supporting roles in the Kick-Ass franchise, and a role he was born to play on The Office: the new Dwight. His web-series with Michael Cera, Clark and Michael, is a brilliant low budget cringe-comedy that we’ll be covering in an upcoming “Found Footage”. It is extremely, extremely satisfying to see somebody so talented and unusual has become the breakout star of a show that is rife with more generic players.

In case you’re wondering, Hannah has defined our “SPECIAL” episodes as any series that is drawn, but which one or more of us have already seen. Hannah, having seen Greek plenty so far, is our resident expert and leads the discussion on the series.

(3/3 Recommend)
Hannah lists it as one of her all time favourites, and Greek definitely made both Piers and Saskia’s watch-lists.

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