When you take a look back at your 270 year old hotel in the middle of a man made lake from the 500 year palace you are touring and both are owned by the same guy you give your head a shake.


More head shaking as we toured the current Maharana’s (read rich by being born) vintage car collection then walked through a garden that one of his forefather’s gave to a daughter that now the city maintains.

Everyone that takes the boat back and forth to the floating palace must wear a life jacket.

IMG_0283When I saw a guy in a suit and his guests get in the boat and no one made him put a life jacket on I said no way for me. The hotel guy said that was the prince, and he didn’t have to wear a life jacket. I said fine, I am the prince of Canada and we won’t be wearing them either. Of course I was very happy when I said it so no problem.

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