The reason internet feminism is vicious is because it’s too easy to call someone a sexist and the rewards are too great.

If I make a claim that a person, instition or even a video game is sexist, I don’t need any hard proof. This is evidenced in the rallying cry of e-feminism who tells us that we must “listen and believe”.

Feelings are the proof. Not facts.

But this only works for sexism.

If I call you a thief I have to establish some facts. I have to prove that you were the one who stole my car. If I call you a sexist there is nothing to prove. If I say it, it’s true because why would I lie? And the damage is already done.

A victim of a car theft wants their car back, they want you to reimburse their taxi receipts and they want you to be punished.

But if I’m claiming that you made a sexist video game, then I don’t just want a refund if I even bought the game in the first place. I want you to be punished, and I want become a famous, highly paid brave feminist in the process.

The major difference between a charge of sexism and a charge of theft is that the sexism case will not end up in a court of law. You, the defendant will never have a fair chance to defend yourself. By the time I make the claim against you, it’s too late.

If I call you a sexist, you’re not going to get your lawyer on the phone. I have no real damages or receipts to claim against you.

If I say that you stole my car then you will get a lawyer on the phone immediately.

Maybe it was your neighbor who stole my car. If that’s true, then I want HIM to suffer the consequences.
I don’t want to keep involve anyone who isn’t responsible. I want the theif to suffer, not his friends and family. As a real victim, I want real justice against the real perpetrator.

When internet feminists call someone out for being sexist or racist, there is no real court, there’s only the court of public opinion. There is no established burden of proof or a discovery of facts.
In e-court there’s only feelings.

There is also no final judgment and conclusion.

And you can’t make it up to these feminists. You are scum forever after a single charge.
You can either fight back or lay down like a doormat.

Feminists are also changing their rulebooks constantly and there is no principle on which any of this is based. Feelings are the guiding principle.

In real assault cases, victims want their identity protected.
In internet sexism cases, victims want their names to be at the forefront BEFORE their oppressors.
Instead of “Joe Everyman assaults woman” they want the headline to be “Patty Patreon is assaulted by Sexist Man.”

In an assault case damages may be rewarded and the perpetrator can be thrown in jail. In e-sexism cases, damages aren’t paid by the assailant. Damages are solicited by the victim by third parties in the form of online funding campaigns.

Kickstarter Feminism is when an e-feminist launches a disproprotionate attack against a microaggression, which is tiny grain of real or imagined sexism. They start a campaign to beg for money and influence which gives the impression that sexism is so pervasive that even that tiny bit of sexism requires their leadership and $159,000 to be defeated. It’s a fantastic racket.

First find an issue so tiny that nobody else cares, secondly go nuclear on it, and then when you are hit with a backlash for launching such a disproprotionate attack, claim that over arching sexism is so powerful that even when you quietly point out a teeny tiny little issue you get taken to the cleaners. That’s when you start claiming that everyone who doesn’t specifically pay tribute is also a sexist.

Wash, rinse, kickstart and repeat.

Modern 3rd wave feminists use this start-small method to equate all sexism on a continuum. They do not go after real issues like the treatment of women in Iran or Saudi Arabia. They are conditioned by that sweet sweet Kickstarter money to only ever go after microaggressions because it’s easier to complain that women in video games aren’t wearing enough clothing than it is to complain that millions of women are forced to wear a burqa.

Going after a microaggression is like polishing the silverware when the basement is on fire. Microaggressions are not the most pressing issue for women in this world but as long as professional victimhood is a career choice, it’s a lot more profitable to be an e-feminist than a real one.

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