I missed my brother Rene because we played together a lot for a long time. I have another brother younger than I am. My brother Camille and I became very close friends; we played together a lot that summer. I had to go to catechism, my brother Camille was too young so I had to go by myself. We had to study catechism before we could go to communion. We had to go to Acadieville and the priest was our teacher. There were 10 or 15 kids so the priest had his work cut out for him.

Then we had to study our prayers, they were: The Lord’s Prayer, Profession of Faith, Apostles’ Creed, The Rosary, The Hail Mary, Act of Contrition. We had to know all these prayers by heart and then we had to go to confession before we could receive communion. We lived miles away from the church, it was difficult to travel back and forth, so we had to stay with our uncle, they were very nice people. We stayed there for two weeks but went home for the weekend.A year or two after we had to do our confirmation. We had to stay with our uncle Medore Daigle; we did this in the summer time because there wasn’t any school. It was good that we could stay with our uncle.

We were living in a small village called Village St John, about four miles from Acadieville. It was a small village, eight or nine houses at that time. Dad made sure that we were always doing something. To keep us busy we had to bring in the wood for the stove because we didn’t have electricity. We had to look after the chickens, had to see if they had enough water and feed. It had to be done to help around the house. The older boys had to go to work. Everybody had their job to do. My mother used to make snowshoes for the winter.

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