Woody” Vernon Crompton Woodward, DFC and Bar RAF

by Zoot Rollo

November 7, 2015

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Flying Officer Woodward of 33 Squadron RAF Egypt WWII IWM ME(RAF) 167


VC "Woody" Woodward, DFC WW II RAF Ace

VC “Woody” Woodward, DFC

“Woody” Vernon Crompton Woodward DFC and Bar RAF (22 December 1916 – 26 May 2000) flew for the RAF as a fighter pilot during WWII.

18 enemy aircraft destroyed, 4 more shared destroyed,

2 unconfirmed destroyed,

3 probable,

11 damaged,

Woodward tied Henry Wallace McLeod as Canada’s second highest scoring pilot of the war.

More info from Wikipedia of course right here . Harry Palmer took this photo in 1989.

You can find more of Harry’s work at his extensive site, A Portrait Of Canada

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