Leni Riefenstahl and ‘The Last of The Nuba’

Leni Riefenstahl and ‘The Last of The Nuba’

The Last of the Nuba is a book of photographs by Leni Riefenstahl published in 1973. It depicts the life and culture of the Nuba people, an ethnic group living in Sudan. The book was an international bestseller and was praised for its artistic quality, but also criticized for its primitivist and exoticizing portrayal of the Nuba.

Out of Africa an entrepreneurial society emerges.

So whoever wins the presidential election should recognize that sub-Saharan Africa’s more than one billion people represent markets for American goods, Ichikowitz said. Positive outreach to Africa would also provide opportunities to bring African and African-American entrepreneurs together, given their common history of oppression. That would be true win-win-win.

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