Comikaze 2014 Oct 31-Nov 2nd - Courtesy Stan Lee's Comikaze

Caotica will be attending Stan Lee’s 2014 Comikaze at the Los Angeles Convention Center from Friday, October 31st to Sunday, November 2nd!

To help you get organized, we’ve reprinted the official weekend schedules into a searchable format.

Friday, October 31st  Searchable Schedule

Sunday, November 2nd Searchable Schedule

All 300 and 400 rooms are all on the second level of the Convention Center.

Use the search function to sort by time (eg. “9:00am”), room (eg., “Hot Topic Main Stage”, “304 ABC”), topic (eg., “Deadpool”, “Spiderman”, “fashion”). or participant (eg., “Stan Lee”, “John Barrowman”).


1:00pm Saturday Nov 1
406 ABBrave New Souls: Black Sci-Fi and Fantasy Writers of the 21st CenturyBRAVE NEW SOULS is a documentary detailing the thoughts, goals and
inspirations of a new generation of Black creators in graphic novels,
television, cinema, literature and digital media. This film explores their concerns with the marketplace, the issues they deal with as writers of color and plans for future storytelling.
Brandon Easton (Writer, producer and director of the documentary), Hannibal Tabu, Robert Roach, DeWayne Copeland, Geoffrey
Thorne, Erika Alexander, Tony Puryear
1:00pm Saturday Nov 1301 BGeek Girl FashionA discussion about the newest geek fashion trends, places to shop, how to develop your own style, and examine the growing popularity of geek fashion in the mainstream.Bernie Bregman, Lauren Bregman (Castle Corsetry),
Crystal Clark (, Molly McIsaac (of SyFy’s Fangasm &, Emily Ong (, Lindsay Orndorff
(, Mandie Roman (of SyFy’s My Big Fat Geek Wedding
&, Victoria Schmidt (of SyFy’s Heroes of Cosplay &
1:00pm Saturday Nov 1303 ABGiant Kaiju Monsters VS Men in Suits Attack Japan (And Hollywood!)Everyone loves Godzilla, Power Rangers, Ultra-Man, Rodan, Kamen Rider
and Giant Robots! And now Hollywood has gotten in on the act with Kaiju and
Giant Robot films like Pacific Rim, this summer’s Godzilla and an upcoming
Power Rangers film. Are these Japanese mainstays the next big thing in
American pop-culture (or is it just another Hollywood trend)? Join a panel of working Hollywood professionals for an in-depth discussion on the past, present, future and Americanization of Kaiju and Japanese Men in Suit
properties. These properties have long since taken over Japan. Are we
Jonathan London, F.J. DeSanto (Writer of Cyborg 009), George Krstic (Co-Creator of Megas XLR), Robert Burnett (Director of Free Enterprise), Tommy Yune (Robotech Director and Producer)
1:00pm Saturday Nov 1304 ABCDragon Ball Z - The Fall Of MenMeet the cast & crew and get an advance look at the Dragon Ball Z fan film
that’s been tearing up the internet.
Yohan Faure (writer, director & producer), Vianney Griffon (art
director, vfx supervisor & producer), Tennessee Charles (co-producer & unit
production manager), Benjamin Hubert (Actor - Trunks), Aurélie Dujarrier
(Actress - Bulma), Christophe Perez (Actor - Krilin)
1:00pm Saturday Nov 1402 ABSweaty Nerds!!!Sweaty Nerds is a web show that gets in depth and sweaty about Movies,
Comics, Games, and Television that is scifi, superhero, or fantasy genre
Jon Schnepp, Cig Neutron, Maude Garrett, Rob Reger
1:00pm Saturday Nov 1408 ABCrunchyroll Industry PanelLearn about Crunchyroll, Inc the leading global Anime Streaming service,
and by fans for fans anime company! Brand Managers Victoria Holden and
Tiffany Tran walk you through our newest company developments and the new anime season! Come by for the chance to be the first to hear new
announcements and maybe even win some awesome prizes!
Victoria Holden, Tiffany Tran
1:00pm Saturday Nov 1Hot Topic Main StageGame of Thrones - Interview with the StarsThe stars of the hit HBO series Game of Thrones takes to the stage to talk
about their characters, working in the world of George R.R. Martin, and their other projects.
Adrianne Curry, Gwendoline Christie (Brienne of Tarth), Alfie
Allen (Theon Greyjoy/Reek), Esme Bianco (Ros)
1:30pm Saturday Nov 1306 ABWhy Female Fans aims to give women in fandoms a place to read about their pop culture loves and recent events. Most of our staff has experienced
some sort of harassment or been discounted in their nerdy experience during life as a Female Fan. In light of recent events, we want to gather together to remind Female Fans that they matter, help them with ways to protect themselves and encourage them to keep loving what they love.
Victoria Irwin, Bethany Davis, Stephanie Hayslip, Toni Adams, Jonelle Davila, A. Wrighton
1:30pm Saturday Nov 1308 ABSpider-Man: The Animated Series 20th AnniversarySpider-Man: The Animated Series introduced a whole generation to the famous web-slinger in the first of his adventures for TV that captured the true spirit of the original comic book.Pat Jankiewicz, John Semper Jr., Christopher Daniel Barnes, Saratoga Ballantine, Jennifer Hale, Gary Imhoff, Rodney Saulsberry, Greg Berger, Patrick Labyorteaux
1:30pm Saturday Nov 1404 ABPlayer Piano and Geek & Sundry: The Art of Creating a Music Web SeriesThe creators of Player Piano, the award winning music web series where
classical musicians arrange and perform your favorite songs and soundtrack
themes, share their secrets to creating viral music videos for the geek
community. Join us while we discuss achieving high production value on a
micro budget as well as what it’s like working with both Geek & Sundry and
the legendary Stan Lee.
Amy Dallen, Sonya Belousova (Composer, Pianist), Tom Grey
(Director, Producer), Megan Burns (Production Designer), Manzi DeYoung
(Wardrobe Designer, Cosplayer), Ryan Meyer (Director of Photography),
Alessandro Schiassi
1:30pm Saturday Nov 1Screening RoomLloyd Kaufman's Tromeo and Juliet, Directed by Lloyd KaufmanSee the film that launched the career of James Gunn, Writer/Director of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.
2:00pm Saturday Nov 1301 BIcon-O-Clash: The Final FemmeRipley vs. Buffy. Xena vs. Starbuck. Sarah Conner vs. Wonder Woman. Who
would win? Who SHOULD win? You tell us! The Final Four women of the
ultimate Icon-O-Clash Tournament, hosted by the Legion of Leia and Geek
Girl Authority, will be revealed following your votes and lots (and LOTS)
of strenuous, lively debate in this exciting, fan-centric panel! Your votes will determine the Top Two, and then the tournament champion, The Final Femme, will be revealed by the end of the panel.
Jenna Busch, Audrey Kearns (Geek Girl Authority Founder), Claudia Dolph (Geek Girl Authority Founder), Bonnie Burton (The Star Wars Craft Book Writer), Joseph Scrimshaw
, A lan Kistler (Crazy Sexy Geeks Host)
2:00pm Saturday Nov 1303 ABOriginal Intellivision Game Designers: Meet the Blue Sky Rangers!Enjoy an entertaining and informative panel of Blue Sky Rangers--the
Intellivision game designers of Mattel Electronics in the early 1980s. From the technical challenges of developing a game that fits into a 4K cartridge, to the antics of a group of a young, creative team of programmers, to
the business wars that led to the great video game crash of 1983, and everything in between.
Keith Robinson, David Warhol (audio; Mind Strike), Michelle Mock (Off the Wall), Karen Nugent (graphics; BurgerTime), Connie Goldman
(Thunder Castle), Mark Kennedy (Kool-Aid Man), Rick Koenig (Motocross),
John Sohl (Astrosmash), Bob Newstadt (Pinball)
2:00pm Saturday Nov 1304 ABCStar Trek: Axanar - From Fan Concept to Feature FilmAxanar takes place 21 years before the events of “Where No Man Has Gone
Before”, the first Kirk episode of the original Star Trek. It is the story of
the war between the Klingons and the Federation. On the heels of it’s wildly successful Prelude to Axanar, the panel will screen the original Prelude short film, discuss the road towards the filming of the full length feature, the challenges and tribulations, and where to go from here.
Bill Watters, Richard Hatch, Gary Graham, Kate Vernon, Alec
Peters, Christian Gossett, Robert Meyer Burnett
2:00pm Saturday Nov 1402 ABPop-Culture ParentingIs your kid turning you into a geek, or are you a geeky parent wondering
how to navigate life with a kid in tow? Join us for a rousing discussion of
modern day parenting, including best habits for device use for parents and
kids, cosplaying, online privacy, using tech to make you a better parent, when is best to introduce kids to the Star Wars movies (and in what order?), and more! Bring your kids and your questions!
Theresa Wollenstein, Melody Mooney (Writer for, Hygena from Stan Lee’s Do You Want to be a Superhero? Season 2), Kelly Spears (President, Valley Moms meetup group), Kendra Moras (Portrait photographer), Jennifer Estaris (Babywearer and Game Designer for
Nickelodeon, Disney, Atari, Majesco), Dave Brown (Editor, Stay at Home Dad,
Creator of the PAXdaddy Dave educational babywearing videos on YouTube), JR Roughton (Runs JAG Gym and the Character Counts! sports organization; USA Gymnastics certified director and business executive; Character Counts! Certified character educator)
2:00pm Saturday Nov 1408 ABSpotlight: Hollywood Babble-On Smodcast Fatman on Batman: A Tribute to Batman '66Join Kevin Smith, Ralph Garman and their friends and guests for a live
version of their SModcast!
Kevin Smith, Ralph Garman
2:00pm Saturday Nov 1Hot Topic Main StageThe Cast of True Blood, Powered by WeevThe True Blood star comes to the Main Stage to answer questions, talk
about upcoming projects, and discuss new technologies.
Powered by Weev: We will be collecting video questions from fans and guests of Comikaze, some of which will be used in the panel on the big screen!
Download the Weev app and ask your question!
2:30pm Saturday Nov 1306 ABSpotlight: Devil InsideGet caught up on the comic senation The Devil Inside with celebrity creators Todd Stashwick (Heroes, 12 Monkeys, The Riches) and Dennis Calero
(X-Men Noir, Legion of Super Heroes).
Dennis Calero, Todd Stashwick
2:30pm Saturday Nov 1308 ABRandom Encounters' Video Game MusicalsWatch your favorite games and series become Broadway show-stoppers,
from an Arkham Asylum rock-opera to a Tim Burton-style Pac-Man musical!
WARNING: This show contains catchy songs, nerdy humor and the dreaded Marshmallow Zone. Singalongs are welcome.
AJ Pinkerton, David King, Peter Srinivasan
2:30pm Saturday Nov 1404 ABSketch FighterComic book professionals are paired up with stand-up comedians in the
ultimate drawing showdown. These artists may be the best in their field when it comes to monthly deadlines, but how will they do at sketching in 60 seconds or less?
Joe Starr, Tim Powers, Tom Franck, Sax Carr, Ed Greer, Ron
2:30pm Saturday Nov 1Hot Topic Main StageComic Legends SpotlightJoin a discussion with the best and brightest talents working in the comic
book industry today!
3:00pm Saturday Nov 1301 BWomen of the WebWe get down and dirty as we discuss the tips that will help you turn the web
into your career launching point, and also discuss the draw backs of being a
Woman of the Web!
Anastasia Washington, Stephanie Pressman, Angelique Toschi,
Jenni Powell, Ashleigh Nichols, Camille F, Heidi Cox
3:00pm Saturday Nov 1303 ABAspen Portfolio ReviewHave your comic work reviewed by the professionals from Aspen Comics!Vince Hernandez
3:00pm Saturday Nov 1304 ABCThe Nerdist Writers' Panel: Comics EditionWatch us talk about the process and business of writing comics. Plus, you
never know which of their comics and entertainment pals might join to
conversation! NWP: Comics Edition is a popular podcast on Chris Hardwick’s Nerdist network.
Ben Blacker, Len Wein, Heath Corson, Adam Beechen
3:00pm Saturday Nov 1402 ABFunimation PreviewsCome see extended clips and trailers for some of the hottest anime series from FUNimation!
3:00pm Saturday Nov 1406 ABGeeks Keeping It Hot!Geek experts battle it out over nerd trivia while debating the hottest pop
culture topics like race-bending, objectification, film casting, cosplay is not consent, and more. This funny, energetic, and thought-provoking panel will
not only be entertaining but might challenge your view of the pop culture
Tony Kim, Rachel Lara (Actress, Game Character Model, Gaming
Personality), Chris Gore (Comedian, Host of Podcrash), Ivy DoomKitty (Host,
Professional Cosplayer), Andre Meadows (Black Nerd on Youtube), Nikki
Griffin (Actress, Writer for Geek Magazine), Tracy Doering (Podcaster and
Writer of
3:00pm Saturday Nov 1408 ABThe Death of Superman Lives, What Happened?Jon Schnepp’s Feature Film Documentary about the never made Superman
movie, Superman Lives from 1998, which was written by Kevin Smith, was
going to be directed by Tim Burton, and was to star the one and only Nicolas Cage as Superman. Schnepp has interviewed the core crew and artists and designers, and explores the striking visuals and new concepts of this film that was never made.
Jon Schnepp, Holly Payne
3:00pm Saturday Nov 1Hot Topic Main StageConstantine: An IntroductionMeet the creators and get inside NBC's new series Constantine from DC Comics.
David S. Goyer, Daniel Cerone, Mark Verheiden, Christine Boylan, Cameron Welsh, Chastity Irizarry
3:30pm Saturday Nov 1306 ABKazuo KoikeOne-on-One interview with Manga innovator and Anime legend Kazuo Koike.
3:30pm Saturday Nov 1308 ABMacabre Fantasy Radio TheaterFrom the darkest minds in literature come tales of supernatural terror,
blasphemous occult rituals, and eldritch horror beyond imagination. This is
the realm of ...Macabre Fantasy! Macabre Fantasy Radio Theater features
original adaptations of classic weird tales/horror stories presented in the
style of Old Time Radio of the 1930’s/40’s.
Shawn Crosby (The Goldbergs), Stephen Daly (Total Party Kill), Jennifer Knighton (The Call of Cthulhu), Graydon Schlichter (Hell Comes
to Hollywood 1 & 2), Seth Thygesen (Total Party Kill), David Milano, Sarah
Huffman, Heldrych Castillo
3:30pm Saturday Nov 1404 ABSuper Power Beat DownCome meet the cast and crew of the hit web show, Super Power Beat Down!
The show that takes two super powered legends and makes them battle!
Like Wolverine vs Predator or Batman vs Darth Vader! Discuss fun topics with
the team and watch clips from upcoming episodes!
Aaron Schoenke, Sean Schoenke, Kevin Porter, Damian Beurer
3:30pm Saturday Nov 1Hot Topic Main StageHot Topic Presents: My Little Pony - The Full Cast ReunionFor the first time ever, the full cast of My Little Pony is united on one stage!
Don’t miss this legendary moment in Pony history!
4:00pm Saturday Nov 1301 BNRDFIT: Level up your LifeHow to create a fitness community for nerds who want to embrace a healthy
lifestyle in an environment that celebrates geek culture and is completely
free of intimidation and judgment. Building nerd-themed workouts that emphasize personal goals, analytics and celebration of achievements,
NRDFIT is collaboration, not competition; celebration, not shame;
encouragement, not isolation.
Andrew Deutsch, Dr. Andrea Letamendi, David Nett, Christy Black, Kimi Balcom, Andrew Seely, Christine Dinh
4:00pm Saturday Nov 1303 ABSexuality in CosplayA frank discussion of the role of sexuality in cosplay, featuring cosplayers
from all backgrounds. May not be suitable for all audiences. Parental
guidance suggested.
Keith Zen, Abby Dark Star (Social Media Manager of the
RPF, Cosplayer & Historian), Mel Hoppe aka WindoftheStars (Cosplayer and
Costume Artist), Shelby Michael aka Constantine in Tokyo (Professional Make-Up Artist and Costumer), Nick Smith Nexus (FX prop and Costume
Maker), Danielle Yuan (Community Organizer, 405th Halo Costuming Group)
4:00pm Saturday Nov 1304 ABCAn Unofficial Look at the Final Middle-Earth Film: The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five ArmiesThis is it, the final Middle-Earth movie from Peter Jackson and New Zealand. The staff of (TORn), reporting the productions and all things Tolkien for 15 years, takes a non-studio-sanctioned look at what to
expect from the end of The Hobbit trilogy. Rumors, conjecture, truths, and
spy reports combine with ‘on set’ anecdotes to prepare audiences for the
final Tolkien cinematic chapter.
Cathy “Garfeimao” Udovch, Clifford “Quickbeam” Broadway,
Josh “Sarumann” Rubinstein, Kristi “Saystine” Fojtik - Tolkien Forever, Nicole
“Rasputin the Evil Balrog” Roberts - TORn staffer
4:00pm Saturday Nov 1306 ABDoctor Who Live: An Improvised Episode of Doctor WhoWe perform a fully improvised episode of Doctor Who based on an audience suggestion.Chris McGowan, Andrew Wollman, Peter Fluet, Andrew Pish,
Markeia McCarty, Frank Moran, Gian Molina, Alexis Notabartolo
4:00pm Saturday Nov 1402 ABComic Book Live Presents: Black Spider-Man & The Guardians of the Galaxy!“Comic Book Live!” is a live and improvised stage adaptation of a comic
book or graphic novel performed in full cosplay! Gifts and prizes (FREE
COMIC BOOKS) at every show! We’ll also be debuting new episodes of Black Spider-Man: The “Web” Series!
Patrick Ian Moore, Derek Reid (Black Spider-Man, Jimmy Kimmel Live), Tommy Bechtold (ABC's The Middle, Jimmy Kimmel Live), Cassandra Vincent (Neverwhere, Tea Deviant), Lena Nicole Thomas Wish It Inc.), Elizabeth Ebling, Brandon Barrick, David Thornill Jr.
Kimmel Live), Tommy Bechtold (ABC’s The Middle, Jimmy Kimmel Live),
Cassandra Vincent (Neverwhere, Tea Deviant), Lena Nicole Thomas (Wish It
Inc.), Elizabeth Ebeling, Brandon Barrick, David Thornill Jr.,
4:00pm Saturday Nov 1406 ABZombies! Everything You Wanted to Know But Were Too Alive To Ask!Zombies have taken over our brains! From TV to comics to film, zombies are
the biggest monsters in fandom... but could they ever turn from fiction into
reality? And what’s the real cause of everyone’s fascination with the walking
dead? ‘Doc of the Dead’s Jonathan London moderates a discussion between fans and some of the leading undead experts!
Jonathan London, Ryan Turek (Managing Editor of Shock Till You Drop, Host of The Bloodcast), Clarke Wolf (Host of The Bloodcast), Gavin Hignight (Writer)
You Drop, Host of The Bloodcast), Clarke Wolf (Host of The Bloodcast),
Gavin Hignight (Writer)
4:00pm Saturday Nov 1408 ABThe MiddlemanIt’s the Funny Book Exposition Appearance! Join creator Javier Grillo-
Marxuach and star Natalie Morales (Wendy Watson) as they talk about all-things Middleverse
Javier Grillo-Marxuach, Natalie Morales
4:00pm Saturday Nov 1Concourse HallwayTetris World Record AttemptCelebrate the 30th Anniversary of Tetris by helping to set a Guinness World Record for the Longest Link of Human Tetriminos! Tetrimino costumes are available at booth #240. #WeAllFitTogether
4:30pm Saturday Nov 1404 ABThe Cracked Podcast Live!The Cracked Podcast is an extension of the editorial team discussions that shape the brilliant articles and sketches on Cracked. Cohosts Jack O’Brien and Michael Swaim, along with an impressive roster of guests, use the platform to identify and dissect pop culture tropes, debunk myths and generally try to reach the large demographic of people who would enjoy their site’s content if only they’d learn to read.Jack O’Brien, Michael Swaim, Daniel O’Brien, Soren Bowie
4:30pm Saturday Nov 1Hot Topic Main StageSpotlight: DMC, Powered by WeevHe revolutionized music as part of Run-DMC, and now he looks to do the same with the comic industry! Find out more about Darryl Makes Comics,
their first release, and how comics influence DMC’s music career.
Powered by Weev: We will be collecting video questions from fans and guests of Comikaze, some of which will be used in the panel on the big screen!
Download the Weev app and ask your question!
4:30pm Saturday Nov 1Screening RoomThe RoomJoin film-creator Tommy Wiseau at a special screening of his cult classic film!Tommy Wiseau
5:00pm Saturday Nov 1301 BSuper Nerd TriviaSuper Nerd Trivia is a three round “Jeopardy” style game show where
contestants via for fabulous prizes and the title ‘Nerd Supreme’.
Jameson McDaniel, Ben Dunn, Jeremy Alva, Garrett Long, Aldrin
5:00pm Saturday Nov 1303 ABParanormal Adventures in TelevisionJoin us in our discussion of global paranormal travel adventures from
cryptozoological creatures, UFO, and hauntings
Christiane Elin, Ben Hansen (Syfy’s Fact or Faked: Paranormal
Files, Pod Goblins), Susan Slaughter (Syfy’s Ghost Hunters, Syfy’s Ghost
Hunters International), Dana Workman (Syfy’s Haunted Highway)
5:00pm Saturday Nov 1306 ABComics on Comics: Live!Pitting comedians and comic book creators in nerd debates!Juan-Manuel Rocha, Vito Lapiccola, Sandeep Parikh (The Guild)
5:00pm Saturday Nov 1308 ABThe BloodcastThe Bloodcast is a weekly horror podcast airing on Geek Nation co-hosted
by Ryan Turek of Shock Till You Drop and Clarke Wolfe, the host of the SleepyCast: The Official Sleepy Hollow podcast. The pair discuss various horror topics including current trends in the genre on film and television, long lasting horror franchises, beloved genre directors and more!
Clarke Wolfe, Ryan Turek
5:00pm Saturday Nov 1402 ABSpumco Founder Jim Smith and Stunt Cock Illustrated BookJim Smith, co-founder of Spumco, legendary story board artist of Ren and
Stimpy as well as inventor of several characters - including Powdered Toast
Man and Chesticlese - will discuss his move into illustrated books and how
that work differs from traditional story boarding and past animation work.
Jim Smith, Tony Baker, Eric Leppo
5:00pm Saturday Nov 1406 ABAnime Theater 3000 - Sailor Moon EditionDo you love Mystery Science Theater 3000? Join The American Anime Otaku
as he takes a live riff of two episodes of the original English dub of the
classic anime known as Sailor Moon in celebration of the franchise’s 20th
Justin Karvelot
5:00pm Saturday Nov 1408 ABSuper Single GeeksAre you looking for love in Alderaan places? Are you tired of explaining your
geeky obsessions on first-dates? If so, stop by and join us for this highly
interactive panel/mixer. We’ll play games, mingle and discuss some local
groups, websites and activities designed to help you find that geek of your
Dina Kampmeyer, Dino Andrade (
5:00pm Saturday Nov 1Hot Topic Main StageMADTV - Cast Reunion!The stars of the long-running sketch comedy show reunite on the Hot Topic Main Stage to reminisce about the show that pushed the boundaries of television comedy.
5:30pm Saturday Nov 1304 ABCComics & Comics: All Geek Stand-up by Real ComediansAll-fanboy stand-up comedy, presented by the nerdiest comedians in the
616! From comic books to video games, from Attack on Titan to Game of
Thrones, from The Walking Dead to Star Trek, from Dungeons and Dragons
to that one episode of Clone Wars that was a ridiculously thinly-veiled commentary on cafeteria food in schools.
Ron Swallow, Tom Franck, Ed Greer, Joe Starr, Sax Carr, Tim
6:00pm Saturday Nov 1301 BAwkward Conversations Talk Nerdy To Me!Come get awkward with Nerd Reactor’s Awkward Conversations. Play classic
games like would you rather and M.F.K.. Think you have what it takes to out awkward us! Join Anastasia Washington and Nathan Lichtman for a panel of fun and prizes. We are gonna tickle every awkward bone in your body!
Anastasia Washington, Nathan Lichtman
6:00pm Saturday Nov 1303 ABStories can be HealingFind out how TV shows might help us cope with painful experiences and geek out in discussing such fundamental questions as: With all the regenerations,
what is the Doctor’s true identity? What makes Sherlock a better detective
than London’s finest? What does psychology tell us about the demons that
live inside us?
Jenna Busch, Janina Scarlet, Travis Langley, Billicent San Juan,
Alan Kistler
6:00pm Saturday Nov 1306 ABComedy ShowA stand up comedy show.Andrew Duvall, TJ Brown, Paul Lair, Greg Kash, JC Currais
6:00pm Saturday Nov 1308 ABComedy on YoutubeYouTube is funny! Come meet some of the people that potentially make it
that way and hear what they have to say about comedy on YouTube past,
present, and future! Featuring SourceFed's Steve Zaragoza, and special
surprise guests!
Steve Zaragoza
, Lon Harris, Lee Newton, Elliott Morgan, Joe
Bereta, Peter Gilroy, Mike Falzone, Shannon Coffey
6:00pm Saturday Nov 1402 ABYour Opinion Sucks! Torrent Tomatoes Critics VS FansFace off with your favorite Rotten Tomatoes critics when they join Editor-in-
chief Matt Atchity and Senior Editor Grae Drake of Rotten Tomatoes along
with their editorial team. As Matt and Grae invite audience members to share movies they love, hate or love to hate, everyone in the room uses their “Personal Tomatometer Paddle” to dis/agree with the score. Remember: Fortune favors the bold.
Matt Atchity, Grae Drake, Sarah Ricard, Alonso Duralde, Christy Lemire, Mark Ellis, Kristian Harloff
6:00pm Saturday Nov 1404 ABRude Dude - The Steve Rude StorySteve Rude is “The Dude”--an eccentric personality as colorful as his comic book art. Filmmaker Ian Fischer (Magritte Moment) documents Rude’s
descent into the world of fine art in Rude Dude, where the artist trades the
comic book shop for art gallery walls while dealing with his own personal
Ian Fischer
6:00pm Saturday Nov 1406 ABLost Anarchy PresentsA debate of what was a better decade in pop. sub, and counter culture: the
1980s or the 1990s. From comics to movies to rock n’ roll on the Sunset Strip to Hollywood Blvd and everything in between... LET US GET LOST IN ANARCHY.
esse Christenson, Mojo El Diablo, Julie Anne Paige aka
Ultimatebandgirl, Gerardo Christ, Shane Aquino, Vicky Vicious, Joey Garibaldi Jr.
6:00pm Saturday Nov 1408 ABThe Kings of Cosplay ComedySee some of the best comedians in the nerd universe dressed up as your favorite characters from Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Game of Thrones and more
doing stand up comedy like you’ve never seen! It’s geektastic fun!
Chris Gore, Tommy Bechtold, Yoshi Obayashi, Thomas
Chambers, Leah Knauer
6:00pm Saturday Nov 1Hot Topic Main StageCosplay ContestWith over $10,000 in cash, and additional prizes, the Comikaze Cosplay
Contest is one of the premiere cosplay contests in the country. Featuring
some of the best cosplayers on the Con circuit today, who will walk away with the big prizes this year?
6:00pm Saturday Nov 1Screening RoomSpike & Mike' Festival of Animation 30th AnniversaryCelebrate the 30th Anniversary of the film festival that helped revolutionize animation as we know it! Join festival and film creators for THREE HOURS of
animation programming: Spike & Mike’s 30th Anniversary, Spike & Mike’s
Halloween Special, and Sick & Twisted Festival of Animation. Due to limited
availability, this is a special, ticketed event. Please visit the Spike & Mike Booth 1129 to purchase tickets.
6:30pm Saturday Nov 1304 ABCUnder the Table! (18+ panel)Join the Cast of Under The Table as they discuss drinking and gaming, how
they do their web show and what drink goes best with which boardgames.
Plus, screening of some never before seen footage from Seasons 1 and 2!
Darin Ross, Kevin Becker, Kelly Boardman, Ryan Shrewsbury,
Ben Thomas, Xander Jeanneret
Put on your Cosplay finest and join other attendees at Club Nokia for the FREE COSPLAY BALL! Hosted by Bernie Bregman an presented by Club
Cosplay/Nerds Like Us, the Cosplay Ball will feature LIVE performances from
Songhammer and The Flux Capacitors, a live DJ, and more fun than you can
shake a fancy shillelagh at! Club Nokia is located in LA Live on the 2nd Level.
This event is free to Comikaze attendees who hold a Saturday or 3-Day
badge. Limited capacity, entry will be on a first-come, first-served basis. This is an 18+ only event.
9:00am Saturday Nov 1301 BIndie Filmmaking (Building a Career on a Shoestring Budget)Learn the methods and techniques for making great films -- and building a
successful career -- with very modest budgets.
James Cullen Bressack (Pernicious), Gerald Webb, Chris Olen
9:00am Saturday Nov 1303 ABThe Art of Horror HostingCheesy B-Horror movies, Classic Kung-fu Clips, unusual bizarre characters,
Comedy skits and Guests. Prizes will be given out, which will include: $200
cash, DVD’s, T-shirts, 300 comic books, one-of-a-kind Collage/Picture and
The Nightshadow, Reggie Bannister, Butch Patrick, Chris Casamassa, R.A. Mihailoff, Nick Orefice, Gigi Bannister, Cleve Hall
9:00am Saturday Nov 1304 ABCHow to Publish your e-bookTake your comic book or novel and publish it as an e-book. We will walk you
through the process to get your property from a dream on your computer to a published book, available all over the world.
Chris Gore, Christiana Miller, Haley Gore
9:00am Saturday Nov 1402 ABLive Demonstration of Cosplay Photo Posing TechniquesWatch our live demonstration of a photoshoot, give feedback, and get new ideas for posint techniques! John Nguyen, Brinni Valverde, Ashley Rice, Day Hymn
9:00am Saturday Nov 1404 ABGeek Fashion Week: Level up Your FashionWith the rise of the female geek comes a new trend of geek-focused fashion.
No longer content with boxy t-shirts, women (and men) have begun to
demand more fashionable merchandise and clothing. Come hear more about
our week-long celebration in L.A. in March 2015, the current state of geek
fashion and let us know what you’d like to see next.
Dina Kampmeyer, Stephanie Bray (Subtle Geek), Katie Elspeth (Theatre Costumer), Josephine Moss (Accessory Nerd), Michael Pao
(Photographer and Thrifter Extraordinaire)
9:00am Saturday Nov 1406 ABDeveloping & Selling Animated TV SeriesYou’ve got a great original idea. Or maybe you’ve got a comic book series.
Maybe a game. Maybe a novel. But you know it would make a great
animated TV series. What do you need to do to make that a reality? Can you just show your notes? What goes into a series pitch document? Who do you show it to and how do you get to see them? What form does a pitch take? And when you make that deal, what’s likely to happen? Hear from
people who’ve been there and done that.
Craig Miller (Pocket Dragon Adventures, Trash Pack), Ted Biaselli (Development Executive), Henry Gilroy (Transformers Prime,
Gargoyles), Tatiana Krokar (Manager of Action-Comedy Content, Cartoon
Network), Bob Roth (Disney’s Legend of Tarzan, Penguins of Madagascar),
Andrew Robinson (Kaijudo: Rise Of The Duel Masters, Young Justice)
9:00am Saturday Nov 1408 ABNosferatu - A Resurrection of the Legendary Film Starring Doug Jones! Plus a Sneak Peak of BeamScreen.ComThe official launch of Nosferatu starring Doug Jones as the monstrous Count Orlok in a feature-length revisit of the classic masterpiece of horror. Plus
the debut of - a revolutionary, cloud-based studio that incorporates artist’s talents worldwide into its feature quality productions.
Daamen Krall, David Fisher (The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari),
Chris Duddy (True Lies, Terminator 2, Titanic, Robocop), Eban Schletter
(SpongeBob, Thrilling Adventure Hour, Drunk History), Doug Jones (Pan’s
Labyrinth, Hellboy I & II, Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Buffy the
Vampire Slayer)
9:00am Saturday Nov 1Hot Topic Main StageUp Close and Personal with Stan Lee, Powered by WeevGet intimate with Stan Lee and learn about all of the new projects he’s working on at POW! Entertainment.
Powered by Weev: We will be collecting video questions from fans and guests of Comikaze, some of which will be used in the panel on the big screen!
Download the Weev app and ask your question!
Stan Lee, Chris Gore
9:00am Saturday Nov 1Screening RoomRevenge of the Bimbot Zombie Killers | Think IndependentlyA free screening of the soon to be released Zombie Comedy, “Revenge
of the Bimbot Zombie Killers”. Panel discussion with the filmmakers and
distribution executives about breaking from common models in story telling, production, and distribution.
Benjamin Oberman, Stephanie Wiand, Joe Camareno, Kayla Cagan
9:30am Saturday Nov 1306 ABIndie Creators, Unite! A Guide to Self-PublishingAre you an independent creator in need of a few helpful hints to get your
project off the ground? Do you have questions about publishing and are All Celebrities and Panel Schedules are subject to change or cancellation without notice. Unsure where to turn? Led by Fanboy Comics Managing Editor Barbra Dillon, this panel of indie creators will guide you through the self-publishing process and answer all of your questions.
Barbra Dillon, Fanboy Comics Managing Editor, Gavin Hignight
(Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turles, The Concrete World), Daniel
Corey (Red City, Moriarty), Jody Houser (Cupcake POW!, Womanthology),
Sebastian Kadlecik (Penguins vs. Possums), Bryant Dillon (Fanboy Comics President, Identity Thief, Something Animal)
9:30am Saturday Nov 1308 ABHero Worship: Iconography in Comics & CinemaHeroic tales are apart of human history, from The Epic of Gilgamesh to
modern comics. The iconography of heroism remains strong even in the
21st Century. What is the role of the hero? How does it inspire one’s life? Do
these ancient stories still effect our lives?
R.C. Samo, A. Wrighton, Sean Mulvihill, Victoria Irwin
9:30am Saturday Nov 1Hot Topic Main StageMedieval TimesJoin us to cheer on your knight to victory as he fights for your honor at
the Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament live action demonstration! Get a
glimpse of the epic battles that happen at the famed dinner & tournament.
There will be sparks; there will be glory! Who will be the winner?
10:00am Saturday Nov 1301 BPlaying with Fire: Marketing to FanboysHear from those on the front lines of marketing for properties such as X-Men, James Bond, Avatar, Big Bang Theory, Game Of Thrones, Firefly, The
Simpsons, Twilight, Lego, Superman and The Hobbit to find, “What were they
thinking?”, and hear what worked or just went horribly wrong.
Jonathan Tavss (President, Scarlet Strategic), Lara Hoefs (CEO, Story Disruptive), Andy Freedman (Founder, Substance), Jenny Stiven
(Owner, Clio Consulting)
10:00am Saturday Nov 1303 ABMaking a Comic: Step-by-stepAn ultra-focused breakdown of the collaborative process. See exactly how a single page evolves from script to pencils, inks, colors and letters. Hear precise insights on the decisions made at every step. Learn how to work as a team! Discover how to turn your ideas into sequential art!Tom Pinchuk, Yehudi Mercado, Shawn DePasquale
10:00am Saturday Nov 1304 ABCBattle for Multicultural HeroesThe pop culture explosion through gaming, comics, TV, and film has opened
up new opportunities for cultural diversity; however, many obstacles still
exists. In this humorous but poignant discussion, diverse geek experts will
discuss breaking ethnic stereotypes and what changes need to happen for us to boldly go into the future.
Tony Kim, Tamara Brooks (Writer for,
Crystal Clark (Writer for, Ivy DoomKitty (Host, Professional Cosplayer)
10:00am Saturday Nov 1402 ABCreating Crowdfunding SorceryIt seems like everyone is getting involved in crowdfunding. As the medium continues to grow, how do you keep ahead of the curve with all the others? Learn from a few of our seasoned experts who together have raised over $3M in crowdfunding projects.Ivan Van Norman, Ross Thompson
10:00am Saturday Nov 1404 ABTroma is 40 and Hotter than Ever!Come hear about the history of Troma and see what the future holds as
Troma enters it’s 40th year. Enjoy a preview of Return to Nuke Em High Vol.
Megan Silver, Lloyd Kaufman (President of Troma Entertainment Inc, Creator of The Toxic Avenger), Patricia Kaufman (Former New York State Film Commissioner, Executive Producer of Poultrygeist)
10:00am Saturday Nov 1406 ABSpotlight: Camilla d'Errico Presents Pop MangaCamilla d’Errico shares her tips & tricks as an industry leader in North American comics & manga. Her Best Selling instructional guide How To Draw: Pop Manga starts with the basics of character building, and takes readers through dynamic figure drawing, comic panel layouts and industry level cover
illustration. Camilla shares her knowledge and experience from 10+ years
in the comic industry. Wondering about getting into the comic industry? Ask Camilla during the Q & A portion.
Camilla d’Errico
10:00am Saturday Nov 1408 ABSchmoes Know Movies ShowA live presentation of our Schmoes Know Movies Show.Bonnie Somerville, Kristian Harloff, Mark Ellis, Ken Napzok, Alicia Malone, Mark Reilly, Josh Macuga, Josh Tapia, Tom Dagnino, Tiffany Smith
10:00am Saturday Nov 1Hot Topic Main StageDuff Goldman - Food Nerd LegendThe Ace of Cakes himself has a special presentation for Comikaze... don’t
miss it!
10:30am Saturday Nov 1306 AB20th Anniversary of Power Rangers - Sentai InfluenceWe know what Sentai/Kamen Rider/Tonkusatsu is a huge success in Japan but how is it that Power Rangers is so successful here in the United Stated (and other Western countries)?Jessica Tseang, Scott Zillner (Founder/Owner of PowerMorphin Con, Dave Baker (writer of The Action Hospital, resident tokusatu guru)
10:30am Saturday Nov 1308 ABFederation FitnessLearn about a new -- and fun! -- way to simultaneousluy indulge your fandom AND get healthy with Federation Fitness! Jake Sanders
10:30am Saturday Nov 1Hot Topic Main StageSpotlight: Adam WestTV’s most prolific Batman joins us to talk all things Batman, and help celebrate Batman’s 75th Anniversary!
10:30am Saturday Nov 1Screening RoomThe Murders of Brandywine TheaterA depressed, small-town ventriloquist named Henry (Dian Bachar of Southpark, Baseketball) finally comes out of his shell when his puppet ‘Moxxy’ (voiced by Les Claypool of Primus fame) begins speaking up for him. All is seemingly well until the cruel and charismatic puppet becomes uncontrollable, resulting in a bizarre battle of wills and even murder. Dian Bachar, Larry Longstreth, Danielle Lozeau
11:00am Saturday Nov 1301 BGodzilla: The FalloutGodzilla (2014) was a huge box office success, successfully re-launching a
franchise that had gone without a new movie for 10 years. With the movie
in our rearview mirror, we look back through history and discuss the most
Monumental Moments in Kaiju film history, as well as what’s coming next.
Keith Foster, Frank Woodward (Director - Men in Suits and
Lovecraft: Fear of the Unknown), Steve Ryfle (Author - Godzilla, Japan’s
Favorite Mon-star), Stephen Schilling (Godzilla artist), Chris Mowry (Writer -
Godzilla, Rulers of Earth)
11:00am Saturday Nov 1303 ABHow to be Fashionably NerdyDigital fashion show and discussion on how to incorporate your fan
appreciation into your everyday life! Hear from designers and creators of
your favorite brands and ask questions from Fashionably Nerdy, Gold Bubble, Geeky U, Castle Corsetry and more about how to dress to impress and keep it geek chic!
Stephanie Pressman and Samantha Mason, Xander Jeanneret
(Fashionably Nerdy, King of The Nerds), Anastasia Washington (Fashionably
Nerdy, Nerd Reactor), Victoria Schmidt (Gold Bubble Clothing, Heroes of
Cosplay), Venus Marenco (Geeky U), Lauren Bregman (Castle Corsetry, Birds
of Play)
11:00am Saturday Nov 1304 ABCNecrolectricFake Reality Entertainment presents the world premiere of the first episode of Necrolectric, an electrically charged paranormal web series sparking up in 2014. New body. Same spark. Be among the first to see the pilot of this new web series.Zach Bostrom, Chelsea Alden, Stephanie Koenig, Eric Carpenter, Cole Shoemaker, Jennifer Martin, Lisa Stoddard, Jerry Buteyn
11:00am Saturday Nov 1402 ABMetal Moon Shake!Join Jon Schnepp, Dana Snyder, and Tommy Blacha, responsible for so
creating so much insanity (Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Metalocalypse, The
Venture Bros., SpaceGhost Coast to Coast).
Adrianne Curry, Jon Schnepp, Tommy Blacha, Dana Snyder
11:00am Saturday Nov 1404 ABThe Making of After Hours: How a Conversation Becomes an’s After Hours cast and crew invite members of the audience
to experience and participate in “The Making of After Hours: How a
Conversation Becomes an Episode.” Mixing pop culture observations,
limitless non sequiturs and weigh-ins from the crowd, the evening will result
in an inside look at series development, a screening of a not-yet-released
episode and live commentary from the Cracked team.
Jack O’Brien, Daniel O’Brien, Soren Bowie, Michael Swaim, Katie Willert, Cody Johnston
11:00am Saturday Nov 1406 ABNobility: These Aren't the Heroes You're Looking For...The new Sci-Fi “dramedy” series, Nobility, dubbed Firefly meets The Office,
will host an exciting panel with a number of their all-star cast. Attendees will
be captivated by the antics of the misfit crew of the Starship Nobility as they
debut a teaser for this action-packed new series!
Christopher Judge (Stargate SG-1), Torri Higginson (Stargate
Atlantis), Cas Anvar (Assassin’s Creed), Adrienne Wilkinson (Xena: Warrior Princess), Darren Jacobs (Starship: Rising), Miracle Laurie (Dollhouse), Ellen Dubin (Napoleon Dynamite), James Kyson (Heroes), E. J. De la Pena (Jingle All the Way)
11:00am Saturday Nov 1408 ABBroadcast Your NerdinessNerd Business: Meghan Camarena of YouTube’s Strawburry17 has turned
her passion for nerd entertainment into a career. Find out her tips on
turning your hobby into money.
Meghan Camarena
11:00am Saturday Nov 1Hot Topic Main StageBattlestar Galatica 10th AnniversaryCast members of the sci-fi reboot that changed television reunite ten years
after the season premiere.
Edward James Olmos, Jamie Bamber, Michael Trucco
11:30am Saturday Nov 1306 ABSo The Say You Shouldn't CosplayHave you thought about cosplaying, but are worried about being bullied or
harassed? We’ll cover topics such as body image, skin color, age, crossplay
(Rule 63), and more. We will discuss how to push past boundaries that others try to place against you. After all, COSPLAY IS FOR EVERYONE. It is not limited to one demographic.
Dave Turner, Ivy Doomkitty (Cosplayer, Judge-Heroes of
Cosplay, Artist, Figure Model), Ani-Mia (Cosplayer, Model, Artist), Alexa Heart
(Cosplayer, Artist)
11:30am Saturday Nov 1308 ABYa Sci Fi: Brave New WorldsWhether it’s far flung futures, fantastical magical stories, dystopias or the
world that we live in as we engage with those stories, the way YA novels build worlds and tackle science fiction and fantasy (and fandom) is often complex and layered with problems. Join a dynamic group of YA authors as they discuss how they create their worlds, the process involved in creating
nuanced characters, and what we learn about our contemporary selves as a result.
Sarah Kuhn, Cecil Castellucci, Livia Blackburne, Catherine Linka, Sherri L. Smith, Gretchen McNeil
11:30am Saturday Nov 1Hot Topic Main StageComic Legend Spotlight: Rob Liefield, Creator of Deadpool!Rob Liefeld (Youngblood, Heroes Reborn, creator of Deadpool) takes the
stage to talk about everything from his work to his impact on comics to his talent for Tweeting.
12:00am Saturday Nov 1303 ABNerd Girls Who RockNerd Girls Who Rock, back again for the second year! A pop-culture discussion spotlighting established women in nerd culture, and how they are
making their mark in a male dominated nerd world.
Alicia Malone, Maude Garrett, Holly Payne, Tiffany Smith,
Michele Boyd, Bonnie Burton, Clarke Wolfe
12:00pm Saturday Nov 1301 BThe Golden Age of GamingDid you ever think that The View would be discussing female Thor? What
about the fact that Video Games are used in Psychological Case Studies and divisions of the CDC? We talk briefly why NOW is the Golden Age Of Gaming,
and how everyone should be taking advantage of it.
Ivan Van Norman, Ross Thompson
12:00pm Saturday Nov 1304 ABCSneak Preview - Showrunners: The Art of Running a TV ShowShowrunners is the first ever feature-length documentary to explore the fascinating world of U.S. television showrunners and the creative forces
aligned around them. These people are responsible for creating, writing, and overseeing every element of production on one of the United State’s biggest
exports-television drama and comedy series. The film showcases the huge
amount of work that goes into making sure that TV episodes air on time, as
well as the many challenges that showrunners have to overcome to ensure that a new series makes it onto the schedules at all!
Tara Bennett, Des Doyle, Ryan Patrick McGuffey, Jimmy Nguyen, Jason Rose
12:00pm Saturday Nov 1402 ABKepler X-47: Creating a Sci-Fi World on a BudgetDiscover how the team behind KEPLER X-47, a sci-fi dystopian short film,
worked with a low budget and limited resources to create two vastly different
worlds – a barren, post-apocalyptic Earth and a human zoo on an alien
Erin Li, Elena Flores
12:00pm Saturday Nov 1406 ABMovieMaze™ Interactive Movie ExperienceJoin MovieMaze™ co-creator Erik Lundmark for a new kind of movie
experience. Erik will present scenes from “The Plumber,” the newest comedy fantasy sci-fi adventure from MovieMaze™, the world’s first live-action
interactive movie app, and audience members will vote on which turns the
hero -- and the story -- will take! All ages welcome.
Erik Lundmark
12:00pm Saturday Nov 1408 ABJohn Barrowman & Carole BarrowmanJoin siblings John Barrowman (Doctor Who, Arrow) and Carole Barrowman (Professor of English, Director of Creative Studies - Alverno College) as they discuss their novels, upcoming works, and the writing process.John Barrowman, Carole Barrowman
12:00pm Saturday Nov 1Hot Topic Main StageDisney Publishing Worldwide Presents: In Conversation with Stan LeeJoin Executive Editor Nachie Marsham as he talks to Stan Lee about Lee’s prolific career and the genesis for his new middle-grade series THE ZODIAC LEGACY. From Lee’s early days in comics, to helping shape the Marvel universe, his transition to filmmaking, to now writing books for a young readers and his career at POW Entertainment, attendees will be inspired and in awe of just how much he’s accomplished—and that there’s still much more he’s looking to do.Nachie Marsham, Stan Lee
12:00pm Saturday Nov 1Screening RoomStar Trek Continues Episode 3: Fairest of Them AllChris Gore hosts a special screening of the latest episode of the Geekie-
Award-Winning web series Star Trek Continues, followed by a panel
discussion with the stars and director.
Chris Gore, Chris Doohan (Star Trek (2009), Star Trek Into Darkness), Kipleigh Brown (Star Trek: Enterprise, Yesterday Was a Lie, R.U.R.: Genesis), Larry Nemecek (Star Trek writer and author), James Kerwin
(Yesterday Was a Lie, R.U.R.: Genesis), Doug Drexler (Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Defiance), Lisa Hansell, Tim Vittetoe, Jacqueline Goehner
12:30pm Saturday Nov 1306 AB50 Years of James Bond - How Did He Become a Legend?Although 50 years has passed, our favorite British secret service agent has still remained relevant in our times. Join us in a spirited panel discussion
with scholars, Ian Fleming society leaders, authors, and professors on their
perception on why James Bond is just as popular today as he was over 50
years ago.
Jessica Tseang, George Almond (American illustrator of Ian
Fleming art), Steven Jay Rubin (The James Bond Films: A Behind the Scenes
History and The Complete James Bond Encyclopedia), Dr. Travis Langley
(Author of Batman and Psychology: A Dark and Stormy Knight)
12:30pm Saturday Nov 1308 ABFight like a Superhero: Building Superpowered Fight ChoreographyCostumed superhero fights and superhero fight activity for kids.Steven Huff, Carmine Downey, Hunter C Smith, John Maclay, Erin
Tarasi, Sara Warner, Nathan Michail, Gloria Downey
12:30pm Saturday Nov 1404 ABThe Thrilling Adventure HourThe Thrilling Adventure Hour is a staged show in the style of old-time radio
performed live, monthly at Largo at the Coronet in Hollywood as well as on
the road. The show sells out monthly and features all of your favorite actors
from the worlds of TV, comedy, animation, film, theater, and improv.
Ben Acker, Ben Blacker, Aaron Ginsburg, Paul F. Tompkins, Craig
Cackowski, Hal Lublin, Janet Varney, Autumn Reeser and more!
12:30pm Saturday Nov 1Hot Topic Main StageComikaze Guest of Honor: One on One with Howie MandelAn in-depth interview with comedy legend Howie Mandel, where he’ll discuss
his impact on pop culture, his body of work, and a special announcement
you won’t want to miss!
Howie Mandel