Comikaze 2014 Oct 31-Nov 2nd - Courtesy Stan Lee's Comikaze

Caotica will be attending Stan Lee’s 2014 Comikaze at the Los Angeles Convention Center from Friday, October 31st to Sunday, November 2nd!

To help you get organized, we’ve reprinted the official weekend schedules into a searchable format.

Friday, October 31st  Searchable Schedule

Saturday, November 1st Searchable Schedule

All 300 and 400 rooms are all on the second level of the Convention Center.

Use the search function to sort by time (eg. “9:00am”), room (eg., “Hot Topic Main Stage”, “304 ABC”), topic (eg., “Deadpool”, “Spiderman”, “fashion”). or participant (eg., “Stan Lee”, “John Barrowman”).

1:00pm Sunday November 2ndHot Topic Main StageTeen Titans Go! Cast DiscussionCast members from the hit animated show hit the stage to discuss life as the
bizarre and funny Teen Titans.
1:00pm Sunday November 2nd301 BVillains & FaithHollywood heavyweights of film, television and comics wrestle over
depictions of religion as the root of evil and villainy in popular
entertainment. This no holds bar panel is particularly timely given today’s
world news headlines and arguments about linking it to violence in
Jordan B. Gorfinkel, David N. Weiss, David Sacks, Butch
1:00pm Sunday November 2nd303 ABStunt People of your Favorite MoviesMeet the stuntmen of the film industry who have appeared in some of the
most popular movies of the past few years, including Iron Man 2, 300: Rise
of an Empire, Real Steel, and more!
Rhoderic Cajiuat, Patrick Stenberg, Jefferson Cox, Stephen
Oyoung, Bryan McGowan, Adam Hart
1:00pm Sunday November 2nd304 ABCFandom Planet LiveSpecial guest YouTuber Katers17 talks about what they geek out about and
more with hosts Tim Powers and Sax Carr.
Sax Carr / Tim Powers, Tim Powers, Sax Carr, Katers17
1:00pm Sunday November 2nd306 ABBehind the Mask of Doom: Meet Ivy Doomkitty Q&AHave you ever wondered how Ivy makes her costumes? Does she dream of
rainbows and unicorns or of the rule of Doom over earth? Can she really
fly? If you’ve ever wondered how the Legion of Doomkitty came to be or
have been dying to ask a question, then you don’t want to miss this one!
Ivy Doomkitty
1:00pm Sunday November 2nd308 ABHow to Create Your Own Novel: From the First Idea to Publishing and What You Need to Sell Your Work to TV and FilmJoin the Winner Twins while they teach you how to create your own novel
step by step, from building your universe to overcoming writer’s block to the
different paths to publishing. The Winner Twins will be joined by bestselling
author, and renowned actor, Richard Hatch, of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA fame,
and Steven-Elliot Altman, author of such novels as DEPRIVERS and BATMAN:
Brianna Winner, Brit Winner, Richard Hatch, Steve Elliot Altman
1:00pm Sunday November 2nd402 ABFunimation Industry PanelFrom
Dragon Ball Z
, hear the latest news and information from
North America¹s largest anime distributor FUNimation.
1:00pm Sunday November 2nd404 ABNerdist Writers Panel: Comics Edition Spotlight on Rob PriorBe there as part of this LIVE taping of the show when we deep dive into
Rob’s artistic evolution from a young painter for Dungeons & Dragons to his
two-handed painting approach developed while working on Spawn, Evil Ernie and Heavy Metal.
Heath Corson, Rob Prior, Adam Beechen
1:00pm Sunday November 2nd406 ABSleepy Hollow - Special Advanced Screening of "Deliverance" EpisodeGet an advanced screening at an all new episode of Sleepy Hollow! Plus
Q&A with Co-Executive Producers and Writers Albert Kim, Damien Kindler
and Raven Metzner! SLEEPY HOLLOW is an edge-of-your-seat mysteries
and adventures series that focuses on the heroic duo of ICHABOD CRANE
(Tom Mison) and ABBIE MILLS (Nicole Beharie) as they fends off the forces
of evil to save not only their town, but the world. SLEEPY HOLLOW airs on
Mondays at 9 PM ET/PT
Albert Kim, Damien Kindler, Raven Metzner
1:30pm Sunday November 2ndScreening RoomWorld Premiere: FairfeldWhen a mysterious illness suddenly spreads through the town, Gabriel
Cooper finds himself fighting for his life. After seeking refuge in the local high
school, he’s united with a group of teenagers who are hiding in the school.
Together, they must face the gravest of teenage dilemmas: sex, parents,
friends, and zombies.
Isaac Shyamalan Loftus, Mattheau O’Brien, Chris Riggi, Grant
Rosenmeyer, Chris Bellant, Mia Pinchoff
2:00pm Sunday November 2ndHot Topic Main StageLand of the Lost Original Cast ReunionCast members from the legendary show reunite and answer questions about
the iconic show.
2:00pm Sunday November 2nd301 BLady Death 20th Anniversary: How you can Create & Publish Iconic CharactersBrian Pulido’s Lady Death celebrates 20 years in print this year. How does
Pulido do it? Learn tips of the trade from one of the most successful
independent comics creators of the last two decades & get the inside scoop on Lady Death & Pulido’s future plans.
Brian Pulido
2:00pm Sunday November 2nd303 ABTaps West CoastProtocols, procedures, methodologies, terms for those who are interested
in the paranormal field. Featuring real client evidence clips of unexplainable
Eric Cajiuat, Christopher Turner, Jerry Buteyn, Ashley Troub,
Lauren Parker, Tim Mitchell, Dave Dossett, Julie Muramoto, Omar Sanchez
2:00pm Sunday November 2nd304 ABCCrunchyroll Presents: Working in the Anime IndustryCome meet Crunchyroll’s Brand Managers and learn first hand what it takes
to work in the Anime Industry! Victoria Holden and Tiffany Tran walk you
through a normal day at Crunchyroll. This is an informational panel, with a
heavy Q&A session afterwards.
Victoria Holden, Tiffany Tran
2:00pm Sunday November 2nd306 ABThe New F-Word: Dealing with Feminism in the Geek CommunityIf Emma Watson can stand up and talk about feminism to no less than the
UN, then we can certainly handle dealing with the new “F-word” in the
geek community! Join Geek Girl Authority, the Legion of Leia and a group of
talented, esteemed women (and men) in our community for a positive and
productive conversation about issues such as inclusion, bullying & safety,
and how we keep loving what we love as geeks, in a world where “feminism”
can be a dirty, dirty word.
Audrey Kearns and Claudia Dolph, Jenna Busch (Legion of Leia Founder),
Devin Faraci
, Bonnie Burton (The Star Wars Craft Book Writer),
Sarah Marino
Amanda Schuckman
2:00pm Sunday November 2nd308 ABNerd LivingThe nerdettes from Nerds in LaLaLand teach you tips about Incorporating
geek into your everyday lives through crafts, cooking, and fashion.
Anastasia Washington, Anastasia Washington, Angelique Toschi, Stacy
Renfroe, Raquel Sandler
2:00pm Sunday November 2nd402 ABThe Power of Fans (That Means You)We’re showcasing how much the whole idea of fandoms has influenced
new media and pop culture in the last few years - it’s all about the power
of fans. It’s the whole reason Moviepilot exists - we see ourselves as a fan
community and social site first and foremost.
Catrina Dennis, Alisha Grauso, Catrina Dennis, Aaron Kelly, Phil Walden, Jake
Stormoen, Neil McNeil, Nick Nicotera, Jon Negroni
2:00pm Sunday November 2nd404 ABSecrets of the Flash! - A Geek History Lesson and Game Show on the Scarlet SpeedsterHow much do you really know about the Flash, the star of the CW’s newest
superhero show? Watch a live recording of the Geek History Lesson Podcast
as they challenge comic book writer Sterling Gates (Kid Flash) and Geek &
Sundry’s 2 Broke Geeks to a Flash trivia contest where only the audience can win prizes.
Jason Inman, Ashley Victoria Robinson (The Red Shirt Diaries,
Co-Host of Geek History Lesson), Sterling Gates (Kid Flash, Supergirl and
Vibe), Omar Najam, Mia Resella (2 Broke Geeks on YouTube)
2:00pm Sunday November 2nd406 ABEnd Bullying! Bring out Your Inner SuperheroLearn the formula for converting kryptonite into your own personal
strength! Pop Culture Anti-Bullying Coalition presents a powerful discussion
for this earth-shaking, life-changing panel. Topics include geek, cyber, &
LGBT-bullying, and how our favorite characters onscreen can teach us to
overcome bullying & become heroes in our everyday lives.
Chase Masterson, Adam Bouska (NOH8 Campaign), Dr. An
Letamendi (The Arkham Sessions), Jordan B. Gorfinkel (Batman, Birds of
Prey, Michael Midas Champion), Jenna Busch (Founder, Legion of Leia), Ajay
Rochester (Creator, Kapowie Anti-Bullying Awards), Jeff
arshley (NOH8
2:30pm Sunday November 2ndHot Topic Main StageWedding Bomb!Be a part of a very special Comikaze Expo event, as couples take the plunge
and get married on our Hot Topic Main Stage! Hosted by Rachel Federoff
and Destin Pfaff (The Millionaire Matchmaker) and featuring surprise guests,
this will be a wedding to remember!
2:30pm Sunday November 2ndScreening RoomReal Heroes - Fighting for Truth, Justice... and Screentime.A comedy about a group of B-string superheroes who go on a reality show
in hopes of hitting the big time.
Verona Blue, Keila Hamilton, Hunter Smit, Melissa Jobe, Lars
Slind, Matt Palazzolo, Grant Landry, Andrea Davis, Lars Slind
3:00pm Sunday November 2nd301 BThe Nerdy Way: Better Living Through Comics, Collections, and CosplayGeek psychology experts look at the positive side of fandom, the
psychologically healthy aspects of nerdiness in all its flavors.
Participants: Victoria Schmidt, Dr. Travis Langley (Batman and Psychology),
Dr. Janina Scarlet (Superhero Therapy), Elizabeth Ann (NerdLush), Abby
Dark Star (Social & Community Manager RPF, Historian), Matt Munson (The
Project Work Bench), Keith Zen (Ronin Geek
3:00pm Sunday November 2nd306 ABSelf Publishing Symposium: From Conception to CompletionHave you ever thought about self publishing? Join a team of successful
self publishers as they teach you the tricks of the trade. We will discuss the
pros and cons of self publishing, as well as specific topics like goal setting,
assembling your team and managing the creative process.
Chris Dickens, Joshua Henaman (Bigfoot: Sword of the
Earthman), John Hervey (Black Tiger: Legacy of Fury), Aleister Gilgrim (The
Cemeterians, Ferrymen)
3:00pm Sunday November 2nd308 ABWeekend Warriors: Achieving your Dream on your Own TimeEven Superman had a day job! You may currently have a job that helps to
“make ends meet,” but doesn’t mean you should give up on your dreams.
Rising stars in entertainment discuss how they were able to do the things they love while balancing traditional employment.
. Flobo Boyce, F. Flobo Boyce, Sean Barrett (Clownvis Time,
Epic Rap Battles of History), Michael Mesa (Adjunct Professor, Whittier College), KC Wayland (We’re Alive), Phillip Reich (Voiceover Talent), Regan
Messenger (Entertainment Distilled, Hollywood Lunch Hour)
3:00pm Sunday November 2nd402 ABWriting AnimationThe ins and outs and secrets of writing animation for today’s television and
internet market. Working writers and producers with hundreds of scripts and
years of experience on TV shows and web series tell you what you need to
know to write and sell scripts.
Craig Miller, Stan Berkowitz (Justice League: New Frontier,
Superman/Batman: Public Enemies), Craig Miller (Beast Wars, Curious
George), Bob Skir (Transformers Prime, Gargoyles), Dean Stefan (Matchbox
Big Rig Buddies, Quack Pack)
3:00pm Sunday November 2nd404 ABMaking All-Ages Entertainment Awesome!Comics! Cartoons! Video games! In the multimedia era, what makes
entertainment truly best for all ages? This eclectic band of writers, artists,
editors and animators has worked in every corner of the business, and spun
stories for every age level. Join them for a lively roundtable as they reveal
the secrets every aspiring creator of all-ages entertainment should know!
Tom Pinchuk, Jacob Semahn, Yehudi Mercado, D.J. Kirkbride
3:00pm Sunday November 2nd406 ABKAPOWIES - Anti Bullying AwardsKAPOWIES Awards- Kids Are POWerful in Every Sense. This is a super hero
themed anti bullying competition/celebration and awards panel. Kids have
submitted their short films and songs with an anti bullying theme of "Using
your power for good."
Ajay Rochester, Aria Johnson, Ryan Case,
Lee Blevins
Jordan Gorfinkel, Shanaya Fastje, Bradford Dworak,
Faith Hill
3:30pm Sunday November 2nd304 ABC8-bit Kingdom: How Video Games may Embody the Beatitudes and Change the WorldVideo games may be a wonderful, untapped outlet to help the poor and
usher in justice. By mirroring popular themes and messages in video games
against some of societies greatest ills, we will extrapolate how the social
justice issues of the Beatitudes of Jesus may be fleshed out and enacted
through the conduit of video games and the gaming industry.
Jeremy Ryan, Jason MacAllister, Dasia Ryan, Ruben Meulenberg,
Ben Metevier
9:30am Sunday November 2ndHot Topic Main StageOfficial Comikaze Stunt Show, Brought to You By Iron Shield Arms and Combat Stunt ConsultingDon’t miss this exciting demo from Shield Arms, the professionals behind
many of the great fight scenes you’ve seen in the movies.
10:00am Sunday November 2ndHot Topic Main StagePower Rangers Megaforce - The Cast Speaks!The cast of the hit Nickelodeon show join together to talk about life
defending the world as a Power Ranger.
10:00am Sunday November 2ndScreening RoomLegend of the Red Reaper Director's Cut Screening80 minute version of the Sword and Sorcery film, released by Millennium
films, exec produced by Uwe Boll and with comic book legend George Perez.
Jenna Busch, Tara Cardinal (Legend of the Red Reaper, Zombie
Massacre), Pearry Teo (WitchBlade, Gene Generation, Legend of the Red
Reaper TWO! ), Mel Turner, Jason McNeil, Rebecca Lubinstein, Richard
10:00am Sunday November 2nd301 BEast & West Media ConnectionDid you know live-action Spider-man TV show was made in Japan? Did you
also know that Power Rangers footages originated from Japanese TV genre
known as Sentai? Discover and discuss the mutual inspirations between
Eastern and Western media.
Stan Oh, Deborah Lo
10:00am Sunday November 2nd303 ABEvent Photography and CosplayA discussion about working at events, how to not cause traffic jams, working with available light (windows, bounce light off of walls), on and off camera flashes, and working with cosplayers.Bill Watters, Ivy Doomkitty (Cosplayer, Host, Artist), Geri Kramer (Photographer), Kevin Green (Photographer), David Luchessi (Photographer)
10:00am Sunday November 2nd304 ABCHigh-Tech Tools for Making and Selling ArtLearn about 3D printing, laser cutting, custom fabric, Kickstarter and moremodern tools for making and selling your art!Lincoln Kamm, Steve Talkowski, Igor Knezevic
10:00am Sunday November 2nd306 ABLooking your Best During CosplayHow the correct size bra and shapewear can make your costume look great.Terri Frazier, Marci Frazier
10:00am Sunday November 2nd308 ABPublicizing your ProductYou’ve got a new comic, a new webseries, a new novel, a new TV show or
movie? That’s great. But pretty meaningless if you and your friends are
the only ones who know about it. How do you get the word out? Facebook
and webpage, sure. That’s what everyone’s doing. What can you do to cut
through the clutter and get your stuff actually seen, actually talked about,
actually out there so people can see it, read it, watch it, buy it? People who
have been getting projects seen dating back to “Star Wars” will give you
advice on how you can do it for your project.
Craig Miller, Molly Celaschi, Joe LeFavi
10:00am Sunday November 2nd402 ABSpotlight on Butch HartmanCome celebrate and interact with Butch Hartman: artist, writer, actor,
director, producer and all around raconteur of Nickelodeon’s critical and fan
favorites The Fairly OddParents, Danny Phantom, T.U.F.F. Puppy and more!
Butch and a lineup of his outstanding voice acting talent will tell all about
their hits and reveal secrets about the future!
Jordan B. Gorfinkel, Butch Hartman (Creator/Writer, The Fairly
OddParents, Danny Phantom, T.U.F.F Puppy), Daran Norris (Actor, The
Fairly OddParents, T.U.F.F Puppy, Veronica Mars), Grey DeLisle (Stars Wars:
Clone Wars, The Fairly OddParents, Batman: Arkham City, Scooby-Doo),
Tara Strong (Rugrats, The Fairly OddParents, The Powerpuff
Girls, Batman:
Arkham City, My Little Pony),
Carlos Alazraqui
10:00am Sunday November 2nd404 ABCraft Your FandomJoin leading cosplay and prop-builder experts in a look at where to startmaking your favorite prop or costume. Featuring Abby DarkStar, Zen Dragon,and more to be announced.Keith Zen, Nick Smith (NexusFX pro prop and costume maker),
Shelby Michael (Constantine In Tokyo, Professional Make-up Artist and
Costumer), Mel Hoppe (Windofthestars Professional Costume Artist), Abby
Dark Star (Social & Community Manager RPF, Prop and Costumer), Matt
Munson (The Project Work Bench - Builder, Maker, Documentarian), Fon
Davis (Deal Deal Studios, Stan Winston School, alumnus of the Industrial Light and Magic Model Shop)
10:00am Sunday November 2nd406 ABGotham Advance Screening and Executive Producer Q&AGet an advance look at episode 107 of the hit FOX show, followed by a Q&A
session with Executive Producer Danny Cannon!
10:30am Sunday November 2ndHot Topic Main StageSpotlight: Jewel StaiteThe Firefly and Stargate star takes the stage!Jewel Staite
11:00am Sunday November 2ndHot Topic Main StageAnnouncing New Stan Lee Mobile GameF84 Games, POW! Entertainment and Stan Lee are proud to announce the
release of their newest mobile game title, Hero Command. Fans will hear
about the new game, it’s characters and hear how the game was made.
Jeffrey Hardy, Stan Lee, Sean McNamara, Matt Vroman, Frank
Ramirez, Neal Marsh, Yuka Kobayashi
11:00am Sunday November 2nd301 BJet Set Nerds: Tips to Get You to Nerd MeccaTake a trip with Jet Set Nerds! Destination : Nerd Mecca! Tips and nerd
bucket list destinations are discussed, as we travel through space and time,
well maybe not quite. But what a trip!
Anastasia Washington, Stephanie Pressman, Jennifer Kretchmer,
Becky Sanders
11:00am Sunday November 2nd303 ABMaking Cinema for the Smallest ScreenYoung filmmakers can hear from the professionals behind Super Power Beat
Down, Fallout Nuka Break, Player Piano, Sypher Studios, and
more as we show how hollywood experience translates into run and gun
style shooting with a high production value. Hear techniques on making fan-
films, parody skits, music videos, and cinematic series.
Joey Rassool, Aaron Schoenke, Jack Conway, Bryan Forrest,
Matt Munson
11:00am Sunday November 2nd304 ABCReimagining the Community Manager Presented by Riot GamesAt Riot, we think the traditional role of a “community manager” - where
someone stands between the people who play the game and those who
make it - is not only obsolete, but also an unnecessary filter that’d get in the
way of an authentic relationship between us and players. Come to an open
Q/A with members of our community team and hear why we’re hell-bent to
reinvent the community discipline.
Adam Shetler, Chris Tom, J Eckert, Jordan Schmidt
11:00am Sunday November 2nd306 ABDungeon Master (The Ultimate Improv Adventure)A new cast and crew bring this show to life for it’s 14th year in Los Angeles.
Dungeon Master is a hybrid of Theater and Improv performed on a stage
using actors as the background...and starring you as one of the main
characters. Every show is like a masquerade, as costumes are encouraged.
Whether you wish to be on stage or just watch from the audience, any
addition to the atmosphere is welcome.
Bradd Wesley Fillman, Jonaya Kemper, Xander Jeanneret,
Samantha Mason, Stephanie Pressman, Ryan Shrewsbury, Kevin Becker, Ariel
11:00am Sunday November 2nd308 ABVoicenado: Voice Actors UnleashedA panel of voice actors from video games, TV, features and animation do a
live Q&A and improvise in character in a fun interactive family friendly event.
Kiff VandenHeuvel, Amy Phillips (Stevie TV, CougarTown, E!,
Cab Ride to Hell, Watch What Happens LIVE), Chris Cox (Batman: Assault on
Arkham, Ultimate Spiderman, Avengers Assemble), Scott Whyte (The Mighty
Ducks, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare), Rachel Butera
(America’s Got Talent, The Howard Stern Show, Golan The Insatiable), Eric
Lopez (Young Justice: Legacy, Spectacular Spiderman, Final Fantasy XIII),
Fred Tatasciore (Marvel’s Avengers Assemble, Destiny, The Boxtrolls, Gravity
Falls), Andre Sogliuzzio (Puss in Boots, Phineas and Ferb, American Dad!),
Amanda Troop (Wilfred, Wildstar, BAMF Girls Club)
11:00am Sunday November 2nd402 ABCosplayers Assemble! Creating and Organizing Group CosplayCosplay may be a work of art, but group cosplay is a feat of organization.
You’ve seen the work of these incredible ladies and gentlemen grace
Masquerade stages, exhibit hall floors and many a best-of convention blog.
Now come hear their thoughts on choosing a theme and cohesive vision,
finding the right creative partners, keeping your group on task, organizing
everything for the big day, and having fun every step of the way.
Mac Beauvais, Bob Mitsch (Organizer, Doctor Who cosplay),
Chrissy Lynn Kyle (Cosplay Coordinator, DC Bombshells), Dina Kampmeyer
(Organizer, Bombshell Avengers), Kit Quinn (Superma’am, Gender Bent
Justice League)
11:00am Sunday November 2nd404 ABGeek & Sundry Vloggers: How Youtube has Changed My LifeHandpicked by Felicia Day, the Geek & Sundry vloggers are here to discuss
how much their lives have changed since joining the G&S family over a year
later. Gaining followers and opportunities, the vloggers will discuss what it’s
like to be a part of a niche YouTube network and what doors have opened
since they started.
Becca Canote, James Brent Isaacs, Mia Resella, Omar Najam, Amy Dallen
11:00am Sunday November 2nd406 AB#GetTheMuckOutJoin the cast of Muck - the first film of a true horror trilogy - in a panel
discussion that will unveil an exclusive Muck clip for Comikaze fans, and will
conclude with the World Premiere of Anchor Bay’s first official Theatrical
Trailer for Muck. Muck will be released Friday the 13th, March 2015.
Steve Wolsh (Director of Muck, Muck: Feast of Saint Patrick),
Kane Hodder (Friday 13th films 7, 8, 9 & 10, Hatchet (Series)), Jaclyn
Swedberg (Playboy Playmate of the Year 2012), Kennedy Summers (Playboy
Playmate of the Year 2014), Raquel Pomplun (Playboy Playmate of the Year
2013), LeeAnna Vamp (Ghoul Of Your Dreams, Your Best Nightmare), Nicole
Jean Marie (Cosplayer, Artist, Sculptor, Designer), Lachlan Buchanan (Pretty
Little Liars, Behaving Badly, NCIS: Los Angeles)
11:30am Sunday November 2ndHot Topic Main StageSpotlight: YoshikiThe prolific musician, leader of X Japan, and pop culture aficionado talks
about his life in music, and how comics have influenced his life.
12:00pm Sunday November 2ndHot Topic Main StageGroundlings ReunionA panel featuring some of the best and brightest to have come out of the LA
institution that is The Groundlings. Don’t miss some of the best that comedy
has to offer!
Laraine Newman, Mindy Sterling, Michael Hitchcock, Tim Bagley, Lynn Marie Stewart, John Paragon
12:00pm Sunday November 2ndScreening RoomThe First 3D Cosplay Documentary: Preview ScreeningThe LA-premiere preview screening of the new 3D documentary film Cosplay
Dreams 3D! Filmed in 3D at 12 conventions (including Comikaze) and
gatherings over 2013, the film shows the lifestyle of professional Cosplayers
like YaYa Han and Traci Hines, hundreds of passionate artists, and thrilling
special FX. All audience members will receive a free pair of 3D glasses for
this special preview showing of this groundbreaking film.
Christine Parascandolo, Gulliver Parascandolo, Yaya Han, Traci
Hines, Brandon Hillock
12:00pm Sunday November 2nd301 BNerd Rush: The Gold in Comic Book Fan DataOne of the world’s largest websites by pageviews, Ranker, which just
launched its dedicated comic books subsite Ranker Comics, has more data
than any company on what comic book fans like and don’t like, including in
areas not related to comic books. Join us while we examine the value of that
data and how it can be leveraged to create better comic book content.
Yves Bergquist, Ravi Iyer
12:00pm Sunday November 2nd303 ABThe Boys who Built BatmanWho really created Batman? Was it the Caped Crusader’s officially credited
creator, Bob Kane, or was it his secret collaborator, Bill Finger? What
influences first shaped the Batman mythos back in 1939, from his Detective
Comics #27 debut to the revelation of his tragic origin? Experts conduct
a forensic investigation into this question of historical, cultural, and ethical
Dr. Travis Langley, Alan Kistler, Jens Robinson
12:00pm Sunday November 2nd304 ABCComikaze Guest of Honor: John BarrowmanThe star of Doctor Who, Arrow, Torchwood and so much more discusses his
career and projects.
John Barrowman
12:00pm Sunday November 2nd306 ABMen of CosplayListen up guys! Have you ever thought about cosplaying, but want to see
what it’s like from a male perspective? Are there any wardrobe malfunctions
that you should be aware of? What is the purpose of a dance belt? Have
all these questions answered and more from our seasoned panel of male
Ivy Doomkitty, Steve Meissner (Solo Roboto Industries), Bernie
Bregman (Nerds Like Us), Jesse Lagers (Heroes of Cosplay), D. Piddy
(Cosplayer), Dave Turner A.H. (Cosplayer)
12:00pm Sunday November 2nd308 ABLion Forge Comics & IDW Publishing: Digital to Print and Beyond!Lion Forge Comics & IDW Publishing: Digital to Print and Beyond! Lion Forge
Editor-In-Chief Shannon Eric Denton discusses Lion Forge titles Airwolf vs.
Knight Rider, Miami Vice, Chavo Guerrero, Rampage Jackson, Andre the
Giant, Care Bears, Saved By The Bell, Saber Riders & the Star Sheriffs,
Punky Brewster and more! Join Shannon and the Lion Forge creative teams
as they discuss these properties along with their recently announced print-
partnership with IDW Publishing!
Jonathan London, Brandon Easton (Andre the Giant), Geoffrey
Thorne (Knight Rider), Joelle Sellner (Wonderous, Saved By The Bell, Punky
Brewster), Mairghread Scott (Sabre Riders), Anne Toole (Crystal Cadets),
Rob Worley (Airwolf), Shannon Eric Denton (Editor-In-Chief of Lion Forge),
Tom Pinchuk (Roboy)
12:00pm Sunday November 2nd402 ABSpark your Creativity, a Call to Action!Spark your creativity, a call to action! Ladies unite to create more female
driven content! Join us for a panel discussion with female creators on how to
cultivate your ideas and bring them to life. Leave with inspiration, confidence,
a solid plan of action, and tons of new ideas.
tephanie Pressman, Kristen Nedopak (The Geekie Awards,
The Skyrim Parodies), Helenna Santos (Ms In The Biz, The Infected),
Stephanie Thorpe (Elfquest, The Ladies & The Gents), Heidi Cox (Stalking
LeVar, Geek Speak TV), Patty Jean Robinson (Pike & Trident, Awkward
Embraces), Anastasia Washington (Nerd Reactor, Joyride), Samantha Mason
(Legends of Atoll, Fashionably Nerdy), America Young (Chimaera Project,
Geek Therapy)
12:00pm Sunday November 2nd404 ABAspen 2015Find out what’s in store for Aspen Comics in 2015, including news about
some of your favorite titles and the all-new Zoo Hunters!
Peter Stiegerwald, Fank Maustromaro, Vince Hernandez, JT
Krul, Mark Roslan
12:00pm Sunday November 2nd406 ABNightbreed UnleashedIn February 1990: Clive Barker’s film adaptation of CABAL was released.
The film’s story was truncated; whole character arcs lifted due to studio
executives not understanding the vision of Barker’s monsters as heroes.
After almost 25 years, editors Mark Miller and Andrew Furtado, with close
supervision of Clive Barker, have restored the original story of Midian and
the Tribes of the Moon.
Greg Beville (Darker Than You Think), Mark Miller, Andrew