PVP Week 8: A Very Podcast Special

Take a fond look back over the week 8 episodes of Podcast VS Podcast, including our very special “Reindeer Games” 2015 Christmas special podcast.

PVP Week 7: Piers and Erik’s Big Fat Adventure

Piers and Erik continue their Monday to Friday grind in the endless quest for a podcast idea that’s better than this one.

PVP Week 6: Give Em Hell, Piers and Erik!

Podcast VS Podcast returns this week – as every week – to drop five new episodes of great podcast ideas that Piers and Erik sadly did not agree on.

PVP Week 5: 2-Boys, 2-In-1-Podcasts

Podcast VS Podcast enters week 5 of it’s daily pitch mayhem. Please enjoy this free and fruitful collection of our labours.

PVP Week 4: Our Own Personal Hell

The week 4 compilation of Podcast VS Podcast, the internets only podcast idea generation podcast.

PVP Week 13: Welcome to the World of the P-V-P

PVP Week 3: This Week in PVP World History

Podcast VS Podcast continues it’s contribution to the podcast scene, and indeed to world history.

PVP Week 13: Welcome to the World of the P-V-P

PVP Week 2: Stronger and Longer

Week 2 of Podcast VS Podcast, the hit daily podcast that’s tearing up the tubes on the internet.

PVP Week 13: Welcome to the World of the P-V-P

PVP Week 1: The Beginnining

Have you heard about the new daily podcast, Podcast VS Podcast? Well here’s the first week of it for your listening pleasure.

TV Donut: Enlightened

TV Donut: Enlightened

Episode 8 “Ohmmmmm” – The gang give HBO’s Enlightened a second chance to impress. We discuss bathroom stall meltdowns, rock bottoms and how Jason Mantzoukas makes everything better. Namaste Donuts!

TV Donut: Eureka

TV Donut: Eureka

Episode 6: “Science, Yeah!” – The Gang discuss all things Eureka, strong female characters, the minutiae of Time Travel and just how young we’re willing to get!