Furry Bear

If I were a bear, 
   And a big bear too, 
I shouldn’t much care 
   If it froze or snew; 

Peban And Seegwun – A Chippiwa Allegory

“I blow my breath,” said the old man, “and the streams stand still. The water becomes stiff and hard as clear stone.”

“I breathe” said the young man, “and flowers spring up, all over the plains.”

To the Miscodeed

To the Miscodeed Sweet pink of northern wood and glen, E’er first to greet the eyes of men In early spring,—a tender flower Whilst still the wintry wind hath power. How welcome, in the sunny glade, Or hazel copse, thy pretty head Oft peeping out whilst still the snow,...

Climate and energy fantasy and tyranny

Old Age

In me is a little painted square
Bordered by old shops, with gaudy awnings.

The Palace Burner

The Palace Burner

Sarah Morgan Bryan Piatt A picture in a newspaper She has been burning palaces. “To see      The sparks look pretty in the wind?” Well, yes— And something more. But women brave as she      Leave much for...

Avon Calling!

Avon Calling!

My mother was an Avon lady. I loved it- the bag full of samples and brochures. To a Wild Rose, Topaz, Rapture. Pretty Peach for little girls- packaging before "packaging". I could go on. Names that smelled exotic. And those little tiny lipsticks! Who could forget?...