Furry Bear

Furry Bear

If I were a bear, 
   And a big bear too, 
I shouldn’t much care 
   If it froze or snew; 

Peban And Seegwun – A Chippiwa Allegory

“I blow my breath,” said the old man, “and the streams stand still. The water becomes stiff and hard as clear stone.”

“I breathe” said the young man, “and flowers spring up, all over the plains.”

Taxes under Constantine –

“A people elated by pride, or soured by discontent, are seldom qualified to form a just estimate of their actual situation. The subjects of Constantine were incapable of discerning the decline of genius and manly virtue, which so far degraded them below the dignity of their ancestors; but they could feel and lament the rage of tyranny, the relaxation of discipline, and the increase of taxes.”

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