Form and function in equal measure.

Reyner Banham – ‘A Concrete Atlantis’

Reyner Banham – ‘A Concrete Atlantis’

U.S. Industrial Building and European Modern Architecture.
One of the strengths of the book is Banham’s ability to connect the use of concrete to the unique environmental, cultural, and technological factors that shaped America during the mid-20th century. He demonstrates how concrete was not only a practical building material, but also a symbol of  modernity and progress, and a reflection of  aspirations for the future.

The Collapse of Time – John Hejduk

30 years ago, in the Summer/Fall of 1986 the Students and Staff from the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London built , for John Hejduk, "The Collapse of Time" as a temporary installation in Bedford Sqare. A...