TV Donut: Enlightened

TV Donut: Enlightened

Episode 8 “Ohmmmmm” – The gang give HBO’s Enlightened a second chance to impress. We discuss bathroom stall meltdowns, rock bottoms and how Jason Mantzoukas makes everything better. Namaste Donuts!

TV Donut: Eureka

Episode 6: “Science, Yeah!” – The Gang discuss all things Eureka, strong female characters, the minutiae of Time Travel and just how young we’re willing to get!

TV Donut: Greek

On the second “SPECIAL” episode the gang discuss all things GREEK: Clark Duke, Frat politics, and opening drinks with a strangers disgusting flip-flop.

TV Donut: 24

The Jack Bauer power hour comes to TV Donut. We talk about the use of ticking clocks as a plot device, Saskia’s enduring but confusing love for the series, and creepy old Dennis Hopper.

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