The Rolling Stones – Rare Bootleg Vinyl

“The Jean-Clarke Mammorial Sonic Barbecue”, a live recording mostly from the 1973 West German Tour,and “Hot Pants & Wet Panties” circa 1976, (labelled as a ‘Rolling Stones Fan Club Distribution Only’, and ‘R.S.V.P.’,a two-disc set!) on the Idle Minds Productions label.

The Buffalo Hunt Figures

Beautifully detailed flat figures up to 2.5″ high, Native buffalo hunt – Hunters on foot and mo

unted, three buffalo two mounted hunters, with box.

The Shop’s Garden Wagon

8  A wood and steel garden wagon, based on the De Stijl style of the early 1920's and contemporary with the Reader House and Garden. Hand crafted, indestructible, replaces your wheel barrow and looks better in the yard. These wagons are available as a special order...